Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of products and services is considered one of the most robust and reliable sustainability tools nowadays, positioned at the heart of modern and necessary concepts of sustainable development such as Life Cycle Thinking, Industrial Ecology and Circular Economy. LCA translates the supply chain into performance indicators, creating a manageable environmental profile that considers all stages and links in the life cycle, tracking and identifying the environmental costs of a product.

LCA assists in the total control of supply chain impacts, facilitating both suppliers and clients relation, and revealing areas in which improvements are needed to maximize resource consumption efficiency and minimize environmental impacts. Based on this holistic approach there is a transparent and robust support for decision making in the search for a greater and real sustainability of the organizational actions.
EnCiclo provides complete and flexible consulting in the development of LCA projects in compliance with the requirements of ISO 14040 (2009) and ISO 14044 (2009) standards to meet a wide range of objectives: 
  • Understanding the supply chain;
  • Mapping aspects and impacts in compliance with ISO 14001 (2015);
  • Identification of hotspots (point of greatest concentration of environmental impacts) of the productive system;
  • Opportunities/risks analysis through the simulation of scenarios with possible future configurations in comparison to the current situation;
  • Environmental Benchmarking;
  • Basis for Ecodesign strategies;
  • Application of environmental and sustainable indicators of the company;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Application of results as a business model;
  • Demonstrate market differential and increase market share;
  • Basis for the requisition of environmental labeling and environmental product declarations (EPD);
  • Marketing and communication B2B and B2C;
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Sustainability consultancy company based on the principles of Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking, specialized in Life Cycle Assessment of products and services, environmental footprints, environmental product declarations and sustainability decision making support. 

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