Carbon Footprint (CF) is an environmental performance assessment focused on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated throughout a product/service life cycle. GHG is the aspect related to the impact of Global Warming or Climate Change, an issue that has gained special importance over the last decades due to the damaging effects caused by the increase in temperature in the globe. Through this analysis it is possible to identify the hotspots of the supply chain, which are the stages of the process in which the highest GHG emissions occur and whose mapping is essential to reduce its CF.

GHG quantification allows the understanding of the impacts of activities and actions, helps in the reporting of emissions (GRI and GHG), supports the development of specific environmental targets, enables the entry into the carbon market or in programs such as the RenovaBio, environmental labeling specifications or performance indexes such as ISE BM&F Bovespa and provide the necessary means for the organizational strategy to contribute to global or national reduction targets, adding value to the business as a whole.

EnCiclo provides consulting on the development of Carbon Footprint projects following the requirements of ISO TS 14067 (2013).


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