Critical Review is an independent and impartial verification process whose purpose is to facilitate understanding and increase the credibility of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The review is a mandatory step for LCAs whose purpose is to make comparative assertions to the public and a requisition of environmental labeling programs in the labeling process. In addition to impartiality, the verification identifies the degree of compliance of the LCA with methodological requirements, data, interpretation and communication, and if it is consistent with the principles defined by standards.
In order to better meet the needs of organizations, EnCiclo offers three different types of critical review, which can occur in parallel to the execution or at the end of the project, in five scopes:
  • Review by interdependent internal (EnCiclo) specialist of the project;
  • Review by external specialist;
  • Review by specialist's panel;
Scope variation
  • Final LCA report;
  • Final LCA report + product system(s) modeling;
  • Final LCA report + individual evaluation of datasets.
  • Final report + modeling + datasets;
  • Review in parallel to LCA project development;

Reviews performed by EnCiclo Soluções Sustentáveis are conducted by consultants with full experience in revisions of LCA projects, construction of datasets and modelling of product systems and strictly follows ISO/TS 14071 (2014).

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