Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a Type III label (ISO 14020, 2006) that makes public the environmental profile of a product and/or service in compliance with the requirements of a labeling program. EPD is a statement that the organization is committed to improve the environmental performance of its products, which acts in a transparent way with regard to the impacts of its supply chain and has socio-environmental responsibility. As a result, there is the strengthening of the brand and improvement of the relationship with stakeholders and consumers (business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication), adding enormous value to the organization.

EnCiclo Soluções Sustentáveis ​​is one of the consultancies registered in the world's largest type III environmental labeling program, The International EPD® system (Environdec), and provides consulting to EPD processes in compliance with the requirements of EPD Brazil, DAP do Inmetro, among other labeling programs.


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Sustainability consultancy company based on the principles of Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking, specialized in Life Cycle Assessment of products and services, environmental footprints, environmental product declarations and sustainability decision making support. 

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