EnCiclo develops and implements decision support models structured in the concepts of Multicriteria Decision Analysis. We make it possible, including any variable that is considered important in the decision process and quantifying its significance in a clear and focused way, capturing the values ​​and judgments of the stakeholders that participate in the decision making process. As a result, a robust, multidimensional, agile decision making representative of each condition is obtained and a reproducible model that can be updated as organizational values ​​evolve over time.

Independence, reproducibility and easeness in complex decisions! We structure procedures to support sustainable decision-making by capturing the values ​​of your organization's key stakeholders!

Do not know how to include specific variables in the decision process? EnCiclo also offers the integration of methods that support the decision-making process.


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Sustainability consultancy company based on the principles of Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking, specialized in Life Cycle Assessment of products and services, environmental footprints, environmental product declarations and sustainability decision making support. 

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