The environmental materiality matrix is ​​the structuring and ranking of the sustainable values ​​of an organization, extracted from the stakeholders, with their significance and relationships. Therefore, it is an excellent way to develop robust sustainability strategies, allowing an understanding of how the values ​​of the organization can impact on the supply chain and business strategy. The matrix is ​​also fundamental for extracting information that can feed KPIs, as support for decision making at various levels, and for reporting GRI indicators linked to sustainability reports.

Our specialists work together with the responsible sectors of the organization, seeking to create mechanisms that make it executable, reproducible, reliable and representative of the reality of each company. We achieve this by integrating decision support concepts such as Multicriteria Decision Analysis, Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

EnCiclo provides consulting on the creation of environmental materiality matrices and its integration into the decision-making process.


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Sustainability consultancy company based on the principles of Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking, specialized in Life Cycle Assessment of products and services, environmental footprints, environmental product declarations and sustainability decision making support. 

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