Developed by GreenDelta GmbH, openLCa is the only professional life cycle data management software in the world that is completely free, without license costs and open source. The open source condition provides several facilities for openLCA users, such as reduced cost in their acquisition and the possibility of customizing the software according to specific demands and preferences. In addition, this feature gives more transparency to the calculations and modeling performed.

Currently in version 1.7, the tool is ideal for the development of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) projects within the requirements of ISO 14040 and ISO 14044; for the realization of Environmental Footprints - such as the Carbon Footprint; to meet the requirements of EPDs, among others.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, openLCA is technically updated over the years and its user community is constantly growing (10,000 downloads per year).

OpenLCA provides the most complete range of functionalities for interpreting the results of a life cycle modeling, from the basic elements of the analysis as identifying more relevant flows of inventory, to more complex analyzes such as Sankey diagram an uncertainty analyses.

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EnCiclo is the official representative of openLCA in Brazil. We provide technical support  and software training.

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